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Tune in live or on-demand to explore ideas on Social and Emotional Learning, discover productivity and wellness practices, and learn why leading in unprecedented times calls for the re-emergence of servant leadership.

June 14-16, 1:30-2pm (CDT) each day. Recordings available on-demand in the TEPSA Virtual Attendee Hub.

June 14, 1:30-2pm (CDT)

Adam L. Saenz, PhD, Psychologist and CEO of The Applied EQ Group

Beyond Behavior Management: Why Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Is Essential to Our Return to the Classroom
There will always be a need in schools for stick-and-carrot approaches to behavior management. The pandemic has shown us these behavioral approaches are not effective interventions for students and adults experiencing anxiety and depression in the wake of this historic disruption. By increasing self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and social skills, effective SEL programs create positive change much deeper than behavior modification programs. Students who practice SEL enjoy better mental health outcomes, build healthier relationships, and experience higher academic achievement. Adults who practice SEL are more personally and professionally sustainable, and they become living interventions for the students they serve.

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June 15, 1:30-2pm (CDT)

Beth Houf, Proud Principal, Fulton Public Schools and Author

From Surviving to Thriving as a School Leader
In a field focused on serving others, how often do we take time to take care of ourselves? Explore productivity and wellness practices to help us not only survive, but to thrive as school leaders.

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June 16, 1:30-2pm (CDT)

Hayward R. Jean, Director of Student Services, Orangeburg County School District and Founder of Speak Life Enterprises

Called to Lead, Chosen to Serve: The Re-Emergence of Servant Leadership
Answering the call to lead is only fulfilled by realizing you are chosen to serve. The children, colleagues, and communities we impact are calling for the re-emergence of servant-leadership. Learn strategies to help you reflect on and recharge your leadership in order to lead successfully in unprecedented times.

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