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Harnessing the Power of Stress
Adam Saenz discusses four key relationships to help you live an emotionally intelligent life.

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Discipline and Our Youngest Students
TEPSA Outside General Counsel Kevin Lungwitz shares some of the different legal lenses through which student discipline events must be analyzed, including a student’s grade level.

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Moving Schools from PLC Lite to PLC Right
Tom Many and Brian Butler share why practice and language are critical to moving schools from PLC Lite to PLC Right. Includes a simple activity to help you understand where your school fits in. Discover best practices from Tom Many and other educational leaders in the TEPSA News.

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How Are You Affecting Teacher Morale? The Importance of Recognizing and Celebrating Teachers
Happy teachers are more effective teachers. Danny Steel and Todd Whitaker share tips for raising teacher morale and building a strong school culture. Explore in-depth research from national education experts in the TEPSA Leader.

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Dos and Don’ts of Dismissal: Teacher Nonrenewals and Terminations
Review the basic distinctions between the different educator contracts in Texas with TEPSA Outside General Counsel Kevin Lungwitz. Learn how the dismissal burden can be different for each type of contract as well as a few dos and donts to help you navigate the process.

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Reasonable Force: What Does It Mean and When Can You Use It?
Can you…separate two students who are fighting? Hug an injured elementary child on the playground? The short answer is yes, but the details matter! Watch this recording with TEPSA Outside General Counsel Kevin Lungwitz to learn more.

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