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A Conversation on PLCs
Texas principals Danieli Parker and Cristi Parsons share tips for going beyond “just a monthly meeting” to living the “philosophy of working together as a team…PLC is what we do every day and in every conversation we have with coworkers, teachers and parents.”

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Handling Discipline
We talk with five principals and assistant principals about how they’re handling discipline on their campus. Join Vanikin Leggett, Valerie Arechiga, Allyson Apsey, Joshua Stamper, and Salome Thomas-El for this informative chat!

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Reassignments and Pay Cuts: What’s Allowed?
TEPSA Outside General Counsel Kevin Lungwitz shares information on reassignments and pay cuts.

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Conditions to Consider Before Establishing Collaborative Teams
Author Tom Many provides an overview of the conditions that enhance the odds that a school’s efforts to establish teams will succeed.

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Igniting Curiosity and Discovery Through a New Lens: How a Paper Microscope Created New Opportunities for Students, Teachers and Parents
Learn how the Foldscope initiative helps equip students to be adaptable in an ever-changing society.

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Why Stress is Linked to Health and the Principalship: A Management Perspective
How does a principal exit the proverbial stress-filled freeway and travel the smooth by-way leading to passion and good mental, emotional and physical health? Angus S. Mungal and Richard Sorenson share 10 steps to managing stress.

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