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Dive deep into behavior, data, leadership, school culture and more. Featuring Matthew Gutierrez, Michael D. McFarland, Wendy Mills, Heather Patterson, Ruby K. Payne and Dan St. Romain.

June 7, 8-10:30am. Separate fee applies.

Early rates until May 8:

Conference + Master Class: Member $558
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1. Leverage Leadership: A Practical Approach to Campus Leadership

The principal is not only key to school transformation but also district transformation. Learn practical ways to transform instruction and culture through your leadership. Understand how the pillars of leverage leadership can guide you on your continuous improvement journey.
Matthew Gutierrez, EdD, Superintendent, Seguin ISD

2. Proving the Case: Diversity and Excellence Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Explore the “Blueprint for Excellence Framework” along with the systems, programs, and practices that have been used to guide two diverse school districts from mediocre performance in some schools and high achievement in others, to a system of great schools where excellence exist in every school and sustainable success is found in every neighborhood. All elementary schools operating under this framework have earned an “A” or “B” rating under the current accountability systems.
Michael D. McFarland, EdD, Superintendent, Crowley ISD 


3. D.A.T.A! A Game Changing Approach to Student Data Talks

Discover applicable tools and clear processes for implementing impactful student data talks that positively impact student achievement.
Wendy Mills, EdD, Educational Coach/Consultant

4. Creating A Thermostat Culture: Great Leaders Set the Temp!

Thermostat leaders don’t just react to their surroundings, they constantly have a pulse on the morale, productivity, and the stress level on their campus. When the temperature gets high because of a heavy workload, scarce resources, or pending deadlines, thermostat leader cool things off by acting as the calming influence to lower the temperature. Learn ideas and strategies to create a thermostat culture for your leadership team that sets the temperature to achieve great results!
Heather Patterson, Principal, Lamar CISD

5. Using Neurobiology Findings to Address Emotional Issues

Explore the neurobiology of learning and emotions as well as interventions that will improve outcomes. Learn strategies to improve learning, emotional realities, and dealing with angry parents based on neurobiology research.
Ruby K. Payne, PhD, CEO, aha! Process, Inc.

Dan St Romain

6. Behavior Lessons Learned

When it comes to behavior, kids have a lot to learn. But then again, so do adults. When we proactively help students get their needs met in healthy ways, we decrease the likelihood they try to do so, often unconsciously, through disruptive behaviors. In this interactive session, learn specific strategies for positively shaping student behaviors while discovering how many of our typical teaching practices work against these efforts.
Dan St. Romain, Educational Consultant/Owner, Dan St. Romain Educational Consulting, LLC

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