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Dive deep into leadership, school culture and more. Featured presenters include Salome Thomas-El, Dr. TJ Vari, Dr. Joseph Jones, Jimmy Casas, Brad Gustafson, EdD, Adam Dovico, Jill Siler, Naomi O’Brien, LaNesha Tabb and Heather Patterson.

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June 14-17 and June 21-23, 9-10:30am

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Master Class A: Monday, June 14, 9-10:30am

Passionate Leadership in Challenging Times
Salome Thomas-El, Dr. TJ Vari, and Dr. Joseph Jones

We are leading in challenging times. We’ll help you create and foster a culture to support educators who are more equity-focused, innovative, trauma-informed, resilient, and passionate about their good work.

Master Class B: Tuesday, June 15, 9-10:30am

Live Your Excellence: The Critical Truth All Principals Need to Know
Jimmy Casas

Remember when you wanted to become a school leader? How excited you were? How you were going to inspire others to be great? Do you still have that same fire? If not, why not? What happened? Well, I give you all a pass because I know you are doing the best you can, but we all can do better when we have a better understanding of the skills we need to develop to become more effective. In this session, Jimmy Casas, twenty two-year veteran principal and best-selling author of Culturize: Every Student. Every Day. Whatever It Takes., will share his shortcomings and the critical truths that he learned the hard way on his path to becoming a state and national award winning principal.

Master Class C: Wednesday, June 16, 9-10:30am

Reclaiming Our Calling
Brad Gustafson, EdD, Wayzata Public School District, Minnesota

Refill your cup! Join other Texas school leaders (and aspiring leaders) as we take time to connect, laugh, and grow together. Brad Gustafson will be facilitating an interactive time of learning that will have you looking to the future with hope. Bring an idea that’s helped you (or your team) as well as one leadership lesson you’ve learned this past year. Based upon Brad’s latest book, Reclaiming Our Calling, this Master Class will help you lead for relationships and results.

Master Class D: Thursday, June 17, 9-10:30am

When Kids Lead
Adam Dovico

Bold. Courageous. Innovative. Thoughtful. All leadership characteristics that we attribute to great adult leaders in our society. It should be unsurprising then that we have children in our classrooms, teams, and clubs with those very same traits. However, oftentimes these virtues go unnoticed or remain hidden. As adults, we have the ability to cultivate, empower, and refine these skills in our children to create powerful young leaders. Collaborate and learn with Adam ways to build these leaders in your classrooms and schools so that we provide them the opportunities to become even better adult leaders.

Master Class E: Monday, June 21, 9-10:30am

Thrive Through the Five
Jill Siler

This past year, in the midst of a global pandemic, has brought about some of the most challenging work in education – whether in leading through shifting and complex information or in teaching in a multitude of ever-changing learning environments. While the work we do as teachers and leaders is incredible, it is not without cost. Dr. Jill Siler, superintendent and author of Thrive Through the Five: Practical Truths to Powerfully Lead through Challenging Times will share strategies to not just survive difficult seasons, but to truly thrive!

Master Class F: Tuesday, June 22, 9-10:30am

Unpack Your Impact
Naomi O’Brien and LaNesha Tabb

Join Naomi O’Brien and LaNesha Tabb as they walk you through their journey of ditching problematic lessons and building a culture-centered curriculum. While their work has been powerful in transforming individual classrooms across the nation, we will unpack the impact of entire schools and districts taking a critical look at the traditional content presented to students from the top down.

Master Class G: Wednesday, June 23, 9-10:30am

Super-Power Begins With a Positive Team
Heather Patterson, Lamar CISD

Using Jon Gordon’s book, The Power of a Positive Team, you will explore ways to level up your team’s connectedness, add clarity to their communication, and transform your team’s culture into a place of unwavering commitment and performance.   Positive teams don’t happen by accident, it is about strategy, investment, and on-going nourishment.  Heather will share practical and innovative ways that she has personally used to create a positive campus culture and high functioning teams at 3 different level campuses over the past 15 years. You will walk away with ready to go ideas, fun face to face and virtual teambuilders, and an action plan so that your Positively Powerful Team is ready to hit the ground running in 21-22!

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