Texas PK-8 school leaders play a critical role in representing students by promoting the success of public schools and actively working with elected officials on education issues. You make a difference for your students when you VOTE IN ALL elections, and when you keep lawmakers informed on issues impacting your school and community.

Do you know who does what when it comes to making decisions about education rules? Use this tool from Texas Educators Vote to see who does what in public education. Sort by position (local, state, federal) and by education-related issues.

Make a difference for your students:

  • Vote in ALL elections.
  • Keep lawmakers informed on issues impacting your school and community.

Vote in ALL Elections

Your vote is your voice. If 100% of educators vote, we can change the outcome of elections. The people you elect decide:

  • How much to fund public schools
  • How much time, money, and attention is spent on standardized testing
  • Whether to support or undermine public education
  • Whether to privatize education in Texas

Let’s move Texas out of last place in voter turnout! Create a culture of voting in your school.


Research Candidates


Keep Lawmakers Informed on Issues Impacting Your School and Community

You are the expert on your students and your school. Lawmakers need your knowledge on ideas and laws that help or harm your students, teachers and schools. Keep your legislator informed about the importance of elementary education in Texas, and ensure TEPSA has a voice in at the State Capitol.

The Texas Elementary Principals and Supervisors Association (TEPSA), whose hallmark is educational leaders learning with and from each other, has served Texas PK-8 school leaders since 1917. Member owned and member governed, TEPSA has more than 6000 members who direct the activities of 3 million PK-8 school children. TEPSA is an affiliate of the National Association of Elementary School Principals.

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