Making a Difference for Kids…Politically Speaking

Public schools are an integral part of cities and towns across our state. In fact, it’s accurate to say local public schools are the heart of Texas communities. Thousands of Texas educators dedicate their lives to serving all students. They serve the common good in making an educated and civil population. How can principals advocate for our profession? Part I of an ongoing series about supporting public schools and our students… politically speaking.

How to Tell Your School Story featuring TEPSA Advocacy Committee

Learn how members of your TEPSA advocacy committee tell their story as they go about their day. Get tips and ideas you can use immediately to influence your community through social media.

The Dos and Don’ts of a Public School Employee Advocating for Students featuring Kevin Lungwitz

TEPSA General Counselor on Retainer Kevin Lungwitz shares what you can and can’t do as a school administrator…politically speaking.

Developing a Culture of Voting in Your School and Why the Primary Election is Really the Election that Matters

See why voting in the primary is crucial in the state of Texas and learn how you can encourage your teachers, parents and community to vote for public schools.

Developing a Positive Relationship with Your Legislators and Getting Your Legislator to Visit Your School Regularly

When is the last time you ate lunch with your legislator? When is the last time they came to your school office? Learn how to make an impact with your legislator through positive relationship. It’s easy!

Accompany Us on a Visit to a Legislator in Our Hometown

Make an impact locally! Did you know all legislators have offices in or near your hometown? Go with TEPSA members as we make hometown visits to lawmakers.

Power of Voting in the Primary Elections

Your vote is your voice. Make sure you’re voting strategically!

Now What?

Learn to build a working relationship with your legislator and make a difference!

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