On the Go Learning for Busy Leaders

Learn and earn CPE credits at your own pace with this series of short PD videos available on-demand November 1 – June 1. Featuring sessions by Allyson Apsey, Michael and Nita Creekmore, Leonard Galloway, Cooper Hilton, Kevin Lungwitz, Don Vu, and Valerie Walker. Plus bonus content from Adam Saenz and a few more surprises from top educational leaders!

AP to Go Only: Series of short PD videos available November 1, 2021 – June 1, 2022

Understanding the Motivation Behind Behavior

Allyson Apsey, Principal and Author, Michigan

Learn to focus on creating a need-satisfying environment in your classroom for both students and for YOU. See behavior through a new lens:

  • Learn about Dr. William Glasser’s five basic needs and assess the strengths of your own needs.
  • Identify ways students’ motivation to meet their own needs impact your classroom and/or school.
  • Learn that all behavior is purposeful and that all behavior is information.
  • Develop strategies to give your students opportunities to meet their needs within the functions of your classroom.
  • Learn how to CRAFT a need-satisfying classroom and school environment.
  • Identify ways adults attempt to meet their own needs in school and the impact on culture, positively and/or negatively.

Setting Up an Environment to Build Restorative Practices and Relationships

Michael and Nita Creekmore, School Counselor/LPC and Instructional Coach

Explore ways you can build an environment in which restorative practices are the culture of the school.

Culture, Climate, Connections

Leonard Galloway, Principal, South Carolina

Everyone plays a role in the enhancement of school culture. Learn strategies to build a culture that is welcoming to students, staff and the community.

The Dynamic Duo: Building the AP and Principal Bond

Cooper Hilton, Principal, Coppell ISD

Looking for opportunities to grow as a school leader? Want to strengthen the relationship you have with your principal counterpart? Learn practical ways to grow as an admin team and, in turn, better serve your school community!

Legal Update

Kevin Lungwitz, TEPSA Outside General Counsel

Stay in the schoolhouse and out of the courthouse with the latest legal updates. Kevin will cover updates from the 87th Legislative Session as well as tips all school leaders need to know.

20 Awesome Ideas for APs to Boost a Campus Reading Culture!

Don Vu, Educator, Writer and Principal on Hiatus

You have a unique opportunity to take your school reading culture to the next level! Literacy leader Don Vu shares 20 ideas that are practical, easy to implement, and effective in helping build a positive campus reading culture. From a Lunchtime Book Club with the AP to making Video Read Alouds to be shared at home, get inspired to make a difference for all kids!

The Path to Principalship: Effective, Influential Leader Moves

Valerie Walker, Principal, San Antonio ISD

From university principal programs to district-led aspiring principal cohorts, there are multiple pathways to becoming the lead learner of a school community. Here’s the magic: none of those programs matter if you don’t add value to your students, staff and leadership team. Discover effective leader moves to becoming a principal.

Bonus Content

Assistant Principals = Amazing Partners

Amy Gonzales, Principal, Austin ISD

You have a great opportunity in your role to play a part in building and sustaining a positive climate and culture on your campus. Let’s talk about ways that you can support your principal, and your staff, to deepen relationships with all.

Top 10 Leadership Tips

Jason Morgan, Lumberton ISD, National Assistant Principal of the Year for Texas

Discover the top 10 tips for leadership success from the National Assistant Principal of the Year for Texas.


The TEPSA Region and National AP of the Year Awards are sponsored by Horace Mann.

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Difficult Conversations

Todd Nesloney, Director of Culture & Strategic Leadership, TEPSA

We all know that part of the job of being an administrator is having to have those difficult conversations. But the reality is we are never really trained in HOW. Todd will share with you how he handled difficult conversations and give you 5 easy tips to make every conversation a little less stressful!

Aspire to Lead

Joshua Stamper, Assistant Principal, Frisco ISD

Explore the principles of the Aspire model to help you grow as a leader.

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