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“The Ins and Outs of ChatGPT” with Amen Rahh
Artificial Intelligence is a part of our daily lives whether we like it or not! In this conversation Amen Rahh shares with us why we should be using AI in our jobs and how it can make us better at what we do. ChatGPT is just one of many tools but it is an easy and perfect place to begin. Let this conversation calm some of your AI worries and take that leap into new technology today.

“PLCs 101” with Danieli Parker and Cristi Parsons
For years we’ve heard how effective “Professional Learning Communities” (or PLCs) are. But where do we even begin? How do we create and lead PLCs well? That’s where educational leaders Danieli and Cristi come in! They’ve created an entire framework to help you use PLCs as a transformational collaborative learning experience. This conversation dives into the initial questions and pitfalls of running a successful PLC. (Want more from Danieli and Cristi? Check out their online course, exclusive to TEPSA, here).

“Top 5 Tips for the Front Office” with Brian Stephens
As school leaders we all know how easily the front office can make or break a campus. But creating a successful front office is never a part of any of our principal prep programs! That’s where Caissa K12 and Brian Stephens come in. In this insightful conversation, Brian shares his top 5 tips to ensure that your school front office not only runs efficiently but also welcomes visitors and handles issues with ease.

“Navigating Through Change” with Marianne Renner
No matter who you are, change is never easy. Yet as leaders we know that change is a part of what we do. Whether it’s changing staff, standards, expectations, budgets, or more. But how do we navigate that change successfully? How do we embrace it? In this conversation Marianne shares her top tips, and pitfalls to avoid, when navigating change! You won’t want to miss these inspiring and thought provoking tips.

“Escaping Survival Mode” with Adam Saenz
Sometimes when it comes to learning something, it takes a little more than 15-20 minutes. Life, and our careers, have been especially difficult these last few years. In this extended conversation, AppliedEQ brings TEPSA members this exclusive talk with Dr. Adam Saenz on how you can escape survival mode and thrive even when things are hard. Dr. Saenz is known for his knowledge and humor, and this presentation will inspire, encourage, challenge, and grow you.

“Lead with Collaboration” with Allyson Apsey and Jessica Gomez
As educational leaders we all know the value of collaboration. Ideas are better when they’re shared and created together. But how much time are we spending collaborating on our campuses? How much does collaboration guide the things we do? What about our staff meetings??? That’s where educational leaders Allyson and Jessica come in! Throughout this conversation they’ll share with you the importance of collaboration, how you can make staff meetings a place teachers WANT to be, and some easy to use tools you can implement right away!

“Supporting Early Learning” with Tabatha Rosproy
In the hustle and bustle of test scores, attendance, behavior, and all the things, we can easily overlook the importance of our earliest learners (and their teachers and families). In this conversation, 2020 National Teacher of the Year, Tabatha Rosproy, shares some easy ways that you can support even your earliest learners on campus. Whether it’s engaging their families, involving their teachers, or more, Tabatha has something for you!

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