Tips submitted by Christina Barrera
February can feel like a never-ending month for teachers. This year, you’ll have four opportunities for FUN Fridays in February. Plan ahead and treat your team to something fun like Food Truck Friday or get parents to join in by sending items for “Fill the Fridge Fridays.”

Motivational Mondays are a great way to get your students involved. Take short videos of students answering a simple question like, “What I love most about my teacher.” Play the videos on Mondays to help motivate your team.

Teachers also appreciate time together that does not involve school work. Designate one faculty meeting in February just for FUN and building relationships. I’ve also learned that despite all the fun ideas and cute themed based planning, what teachers appreciate most is the gift of TIME. Replace one faculty meeting in February with an email that covers everything you planned to address during the meeting.

Another idea is to reach out to your community for sponsors to celebrate any of these National Days in February:

  • 2nd – Ground Hog Day, National Tater Tot Day
  • 3rd – National Bubble Gum Day, Carrot Cake Day, National Wear Red Day*
  • 7th – Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • 8th – National Kite Flying Day
  • 9th – National Pizza Day, National Bagel & Lox Day
  • 14th – Valentine’s Day (Surprise your staff at their doors with a Valentine cart filled with goodies)
  • 17th – Random Acts of Kindness Day*
  • 20th – National Cherry Pie Day, National Comfy Day (Pajama Day is always a hit), National Muffin Day,
  • National Love Your Pet Day (have a digital board to share pet pics)
  • 21st – Fat Tuesday, National Sticky Bun Day
  • 23rd – National Banana Bread Day, National Chili Day, National Toast Day
  • 24th – National Tortilla Chip Day*
  • 25th – National Chocolate Covered Nut Day
  • 27th – National Strawberry Day

*Denotes Friday

February is a great opportunity to incorporate JOY and FUN into your school house to help teachers make it through the dreaded February Slump.

Tips submitted by Amy Bay
Teachers serve as an integral part in every student’s life, positively shaping their futures by giving them the academic and socioemotional tools they need. This important privilege though does not come without emotional and physical strain that can take a toll, especially after the holiday cheer has passed and February begins. To help one through this time, here are a few thoughts I have found to be beneficial from my readings by Jon Gordon.

  • Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Remember failure is a learning experience that helps you shape future success. Without it, success would be futile.
  • Focus on what you GET TO do instead of what you HAVE TO do. Remember our profession as educators is a privilege, and we get to make an impact each day.
  • Find and give your energy to the things within your control. Every day you decide how you react to things that happen. You can have a
  • positive reaction, which normally yields a better outcome, or a negative reaction. Remember, any situation met with a positive attitude, the right amount of effort and action can yield desired results.

Tips submitted by Elodia Witterstaetter
The February Slump is a real thing in education! The 28 days in February feels like 45 days. That is why as administrators it is important we help our staff find their “best self” during this time. Model an attitude of gratitude with simple things like:

  • Motivational Monday T-shirt day.
  • A simple note of appreciation for something they did.
  • Surprise them with their favorite Sonic drink or snack.
  • Caller Number 10 random questions for fun inexpensive gifts (jean pass, candy bar, office supply).
  • Themed days throughout the month of February such as “Soup-er Bowl” potluck, Sweetheart Breakfast in the staff lounge, National Toast Day, etc.
  • Have great conversations with your staff. Join them for lunch.

It is so easy to get in the slump ourselves. Keep the positive energy up. Take a deep breath—we can do this! Remember the smallest acts of kindness can make the biggest impact and change someone’s entire day. We do not do it for recognition. We do it because our staff deserve it.

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