Survey from the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC)

Over the last several years discussion has increased among counselors and school administrators over the roles of counselors within school settings. There has also been a healthy conversation about how to best support students in Title I schools and rural communities where resources are often stretched thin.

TTUHSC researchers and professors specializing in counseling invite you to participate in a research study about school principal’s perceptions and attitudes regarding the roles, functions, and practices of school counselors. Texas principals are invited to participate.

We are very interested in hearing from principals at Title I schools. Through your participation we hope to better bridge the gap between school counselors and principals to support students.

Everyone who completes the survey will receive a copy of the executive summary of the study plus an opportunity to receive a gift card. We anticipate distributing 50-100 gift cards.

To protect your confidentiality, the survey will not contain information that will personally identify you, and we will not ask for your name. All information collected in this study will be kept completely confidential to the extent permitted by law. At the completion of the survey you will have a chance to opt-in for the executive summary and a chance to receive a gift card.

If you have any questions about completing the questionnaire or about being in this study, you may contact Zach Sneed or Chris Townsend. If you have any study related concerns or any questions about your rights as a research study participant, you may contact the TTUHSC Research Integrity Office.


Zach Sneed, Ph.D., CRC, LCDC, BC-TMH
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
Dept. of Clinical Counseling and Mental Health
Assistant Professor / Program Director, Master of Science in Addiction Counseling

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