“Good cause” for teacher contract abandonment being discussed by the State Board for Educator Certification.

TEPSA, TASA and several other organizations submitted written opposition to this proposed rule change. If adopted, this change would make it difficult for districts to enforce teacher contracts.

SBEC is currently considering a proposed change/addition to the rules regarding “good cause” for teacher contract abandonment. The change/addition is #6 below.

Contract abandonment.
Good cause. The following factors may be considered good cause when an educator is reported to have abandoned a contract in violation of the TEC, §§21.105(c), 21.160(c), or 21.210(c):

  1. Serious illness or health condition of the educator or close family member of the educator;
  2. Relocation to a new city as a result of change in employer of the educator’s spouse or partner who resides with the educator;
  3. Significant change in the educator’s family needs that requires the educator to relocate or to devote more time than allowed by current employment;
  4. Reasonable reliance on a written acceptance of the educator’s resignation by a person acting with actual authority to accept resignations delegated by the school district board of trustees;
  5. Promotion to a position that requires a new class of educator certification as defined in §230.33(b) of this title (relating to Classes of Certificates); or
  6. Any other relevant circumstances or facts.


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