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  • Empower Your Learners to Lead!

    Executive Leadership, School Culture

    By Pam Mitchell and Kimmie Etheredge TEPSA Leaders ‘Я’ Us is celebrating two decades of student leadership training across the state of Texas, with more than 43,000 student leaders and 11,500 advisors attending workshops since

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  • Bumper Stickers to Inspire Your PLC

    Executive Leadership, Strategic Operations

    By Tom Many, EdD, and Susan Sparks “There’s a difference between a philosophy and a bumper sticker.” - Charles M. Schulz Bumper stickers—those short, succinct, sometimes clever or humorous quips and quotes we notice while

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  • The ABCs of CPS


    By Kevin Lungwitz All of us have a duty to report child abuse. A “professional” has an elevated duty to report child abuse or neglect within 48 hours if the professional “has cause to believe

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  • Faculty Meeting Opportunities

    Executive Leadership, Human Capital, School Culture

    By Todd Nesloney and Travis Crowder One of the things we hear teachers complain most about is the dreaded faculty meeting. We’ve all been part of required staff meetings where we receive a laundry list

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  • The Power of Vulnerability

    Executive Leadership

    By Todd Nesloney and Travis Crowder Success is overemphasized in our society and failure often undervalued and discouraged. Let’s be honest—there is inherent value in failure. When an expectation is not met or a goal

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