By Heather Loomis

Every child matters. We all care about creating a beautiful portrait of each child to help commemorate their school year. There are three things you can do to aid us achieving this goal and making your parents happy.

1. A minute per child! We are more successful on picture days if we have at least a minute to photograph each student. Children get into all sorts of things in the time between being dropped off at school and having their photo taken, so we need time to comb their hair, fix their clothing, and wipe their faces if needed.

Children with special needs typically require more time and patience to get comfortable in front of the camera. Younger children definitely need extra time to get their wiggles out and for us to coach them on how to smile naturally for their portraits. Some kids only have their photo taken once a year—on picture day—so they need more guidance on what to do. Having a minute of time per child with a little extra if they are younger or have special needs will help ensure everyone looks their best.

2. Lean on your village! Having parent volunteers at photo day is fabulous. They know the kids and their parents, so they care that much more about ensuring everyone looks great for their portraits.

Teachers and staff are also invaluable in having a smooth photo day. To keep things moving, it is important teachers arrive on time for their class’ pictures. Assisting with readying the children for their picture is also a big help. It is essential for teachers to be right there in case a student is hit with a bout of shyness or we need guidance on a student’s name.

3. Location! Having a safe, comfortable location for picture day makes for a great experience. The ideal location is one that has enough space for our camera rigs, allows for safe traffic flow in and out of the camera area, and has room for students to wait while their class is being photographed. We know space is limited at your schools, but if a gym can be used, that is typically the best spot for a fantastic photo day.

Thank you for helping us create beautiful school portraits for your students and their families that will be cherished for years to come.

Heather Loomis is the Territory Photographic Operations Manager for Lifetouch Central Texas.

TEPSA News, August 2018, Vol 75, No 4

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