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Membership: Legal Benefits
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Accessing Legal Services

Regardless of your title, if your job includes discipline or supervisory responsibilities you must join TEPSA at the basic or comprehensive level in order to access legal counsel. Aspiring and associate members are ineligible for this service. TEPSA basic and comprehensive members in good standing are eligible for the following services provided by the Association:

1. Staff Consultation: Call the TEPSA office at 800-252-3621 and request assistance. TEPSA executive staff will contact you and provide professional consultation at no charge.
2. Attorney Telephone Consultation: With the approval of TEPSA executive staff, the member will receive telephone consultation with a TEPSA-designated attorney at no charge to the member.
3. Case Support: TEPSA members may file a claim under the Association’s Educators Professional Liability policy, if the situation warrants. Coverage determination is made by the Company after verification of membership at the time of loss and review of the facts.


If you are also a member of the National Association of Elementary School Principals, their Legal Assistance Program supplements TEPSA’s liability insurance.


TEPSA: Educators Professional Liability Insurance Snapshot

View 2018-2019 detailed policy summary.

View 2017-2018 detailed policy summary.


Coverage A - Liability:

  • Up to $1,000,000 per insured, per occurrence /$3,000,000 per occurrence, plus defense costs and legal fees.
  • Under Coverage A, you must immediately notify TEPSA or the insurance company when you are sued in your professional capacity.


Coverage B – Reimbursement of Attorney Fees:

  • Protection for actions such as dismissal, tenure, salary, leave of absence, assignment, resignation or other professional rights, duties and responsibilities, arising within the scope of employment. Up to $1,000 attorney fee reimbursement is available regardless of outcome/up to $20,000 if you prevail. For actions at the school board level involving dismissal, nonrenewal or termination of a non-probationary employee.
    Up to $5,000 attorney fee reimbursement is available without regard to outcome/up to $20,000 if you prevail.
  • Certification or Licensure – covers a TEA or SBEC certification investigation or sanction proceeding.
    Up to $1,000 attorney fee reimbursement is available without regard to outcome/up to $20,000 if you prevail.
  • Criminal claims – reimbursement of attorney fees for a criminal action or proceeding against the insured, including an investigation of the insured by a law enforcement authority or agency, arising out of activities of the insured in his/her professional capacity.
    Up to $20,000 attorney fee reimbursement, regardless of outcome.*
  • Civil rights violations if not covered under A
    Up to $20,000 attorney fee reimbursement, regardless of outcome.
  • Sexual Misconduct
    Up to $25,000 attorney fee reimbursement, regardless of outcome.*

* $25,000 aggregate per insured for all claims under Criminal, Sexual Misconduct, or Criminal and Sexual Misconduct combined



Benefits may be assigned to the attorney of your choice after membership and coverage are verified. The Company will then pay the attorney directly.


Coverage C – Bail Bonds:

  • Up to $1,000 premium for bail bonds.

Coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions stated in the master policy kept on file at the state TEPSA office and is available for review by request. The Educators Professional Liability Insurance Policy is underwritten by a carrier rated A+ XV (Superior) by A.M. Best.


This brief description of the policy is to provide information only to members and in no way alters or modifies the policy on file with the Association.



The John A. Barclay Agency, Inc
PO Box 2274
Austin, TX 78768
Claims - John A. Barclay, III
Darva Isaacks


Supervising General Agent
Myron F. Steves & Company
PO Box 4479
Houston, TX 77210
Underwritten by Carrier Rated A+XV Superior by AM Best

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